Meet Ashley

The Promise Boutique Owner. Blonde Hair. Curled hair. black top. black sweater

Hello! My name is Ashley & I am the owner of The Promise Boutique!

started the boutique in May of 2017 because I love fashion! I also love helping women feel confident in what they wear while taking out the guess work of what looks great! My boutique has been my full time job for quite some time now and that is all thanks to a great group of ladies I like to call "The Promise Boutique Babes"! I am so excited for you to become one of them! ☺️  

One of the best parts about owning my boutique is all the friends I have made across the nation. I love finding out what I have in common with all my boutique babes so here is a little about me! I recently married the love of my life Taylor in September 2021! Taylor & I love watching The Bachelor, Married at First Sight, and Dexter! We also have 4 pets! A dog & three cats! I also love Crossfit, the beach, and Hawaiian pizza!! I am a girly girl who loves to do her hair and makeup but I am totally down for anything outdoors! I love to go kayaking, biking, camping, swimming, and hiking! I have a love for Haiti and served there as a missionary for several months. I love the color pink and ranch dressing on my pizza! l would love to know what things we have in common! 

I am so excited to be able to share my boutique with you and hope that you feel right at home! It is my goal to help you feel comfortable in your clothing and that it be a reminder of your own personal beauty! I love that our styles can be an expression of ourselves and I hope that I can help you find your personal style! Let's be friends! 

Love Always, Ashley