Good morning ladies 🌞 Rise & Shine!

Today needs to be the day of awakening for you. It’s the day you no longer sit and do nothing. It’s the day you decide to ask for it....yes that’s you know what your “it” thing is. Don’t tell me you don’t. Because you do.

You know what your heart wants. You know what your soul needs. You know your dreams. Yet let’s be real here you suffocate them. You minimize your desire for those things to really happen in your life and you try to convince yourself you are completely content the way things are.


Because you’re too afraid to ask for it?!? And my friend today is the day that needs to stop. Today is the day you need to start moving and shaking your world boldly and fiercfully. Today is a new day and today you are going to start “asking for it”.

You may or may not agree with my stance, my opinions, my faith, my life choices, or my deep down reasonings for feeling this way and that’s fine but may my words resonate through your bones to awaken a new you. A one who asks for it.

I believe in the power of prayer. I believe in going to God unashamed to ask for the things that seem impossible in your life. My friends will joke around with me that they want me to pray for things in their lives because God tends to give me what I ask for. But seriously ask Him boldly for things. Be specific. Nothing you could ever go to Him about could ever be too big. Ever. Period. End of story there.

And maybe you aren’t the praying type or maybe you view points of God are not the same. That is fine no need to feel like we can’t be friends or that we have to agree on everything. We don’t. Jesus lover or not we should be encouraging each other and so my friend if you feel different about my previous paragraph it’s ok. Even though I’ll pray that someday you know about a Savior who loves you. 😘 Regardless it’s not ok for you not ask for it the things you want in life.

Ask. For. It.

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